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insurance in trust

Placing your Insurance

We will be an intermediary between your insurer and you. We research the various insurance companies’ policies and offer professional and practical advice on what risk to insure, what types of cover are best and negotiate the most suitable premium. This is to ensure you receive adequate cover at all times at the best terms and conditions.

insurance audit

Insurance Audit

We will conduct a periodic and comprehensive audit of your insurance portfolio, interpret policy wordings and condition in order to access the adequacy of cover, making recommendations where appropriate.

claim management

Claims Management & Settlement Negotiation

We advise and guide you through your claims processing and management (i.e. from inception to final settlement). We ensure claims are processed speedily and efficiently to help our clients resume their operations and manage their day- to- day business as quickly as possible.


Portfolio Administration & Servicing

We will update you on all renewals, discuss and arrange for policy amendments where necessary. In all those processes we will create a perfectly transparent relationship with you and help you gain control of your insurance contracts and covers.